Daily Paper Release Their 2017 Women’s “Children of the City” Lookbook

Daily Paper reveals its second women's range.

December 11th 2017

Amsterdam-based Daily Paper is back with the release their second full women’s collection “Children of the City.”

After its inaugural womenswear collection this summer, Daily Paper Women follows up its offering with a second full women’s range showcased in a suitably vivid lookbook.

As an established menswear label since 2010 inspired by their own African heritage, Daily Paper makes a foray into feminine clothing and continues to elaborate on their vision.

The “Children of the City” collection was inspired by the Mbuti tribe in Congo, also known as the children of the forest. The Mbuti population have a unique culture and lifestyle that is constantly challenged. Based on adapting to the city and translating this into the clothing using adjustable pockets removable hoods, buckles and straps.

The collection also features considerably masculine styles mixed with feminine silhouettes such as body con dresses and mini wrap skirts that have removable belts with adapting pockets.

The collection will be available now through the Daily Paper website, the Amsterdam stores and all global lifestyle retailers.