Lethal Bizzle and Chip Put on For “London” in New Video

From Bizzle's "You'll Never Make A Million From Grime" EP.

January 16th 2018

A redeeming factor of the early grime scene’s promotion of young MCs is that over a decade later, they can be classed as respected veterans whist also very much at the peak of their powers.

Cue Chip joining Lethal Bizzle on “London,” the latest track to get the visual treatment from his “You’ll Never Make A Million From Grime” EP.

In line with the bulk of the EP, it’s a triumphant recalling of where he’s come from and the heights he’s managed to take it to. On a stroll through his old ends, he crosses Boundary Road and other familiar spot from his early More Fire crew days, with name drops and clever references to a time fondly recalled the ‘golden era’ of grime.