Snoop Dogg Will Star As a Guest Commentator On UFC 3

Snoop will provide the smack talk for EA's latest fight game.

January 26th 2018

EA SPORTS latest fighting title, UFC 3, will drop in a week’s time on Friday 2nd February, and they’ve just unveiled an exciting new addition to the game. You’ll soon be hearing the musings of American hip hop and R&B legend Snoop Dogg as you’re pummelling your opponent in the octagon, as he’ll feature as an in-game commentator in the game’s infamous ‘Knockout Mode’.

UFC’s Knockout Mode is one of the game’s best features. Players start with the same amount of health but with each devastating shot landed the health bar decreases. Once you get your opponent down to one health bar get ready to Finish the Fight because the next shot you land will be a KO.

Snoop will be dishing out the smack talk as only he can in the latest in the UFC series, which is another enticing addition to the game after it unveiled it’s introducing a new ‘G.O.A.T Career Mode’ akin to FIFA’s ‘The Journey,’ where players will work their way up from budding fighter to ultimate champion of the UFC.