Kappa Channels 90’s Sport Motifs in Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Track jackets, baseball shirts and more.

February 28th 2018

Kappa Kontrol has launched its latest range for Spring/Summer 2018. Dubbed “BLUEPRINT,” the collection brings together a blend of 90’s Kappa heritage alongside modern day staples.

The cut-and-sew pieces contain a host of oft-used Kappa Control textures, including chenille, sponge, french terry, and of course, the brand’s signature denim as observed in previous seasons.

There’s plenty of sportswear items in the mix, such as basketball track pants, two-toned baseball shirts, and American Football-inspired shorts.

Check out a selection shots of the Kappa Kontrol “BLUEPRINT” collection below.

Head to Kappa Kontroll’s website to find out more about the collection.