Nike’s Latest Innovation Gives Fans the Chance to Create Their Own Unique Football Jerseys

Nike by You.

February 13th 2018

Nike has unveiled their latest offering to football fans with an eye for design.

Jersey Shop is Nike’s mobile-first kit design tool that will allow fans to collaborate with the brand on some of their most iconic kit designs. Fans will be able to use templates such as AS Roma, Chelsea, and Barcelona’s legendary shirts, through to cult kits like Kaizer Chiefs, and mould them into their own unique jersey.

In essence, Jersey Shop plays out like a Nike ID for football kits, and it starts with you. Once you have come up with your own designs, and if it gets approved by Nike, becomes eligible for addition to the Jersey Shop assortment.

Nike has already released two examples of London-based teams who have utilized Nike’s latest innovation. Hackney’s Romance FC and Fulham’s 24 London are two of the first teams to get their kits approved, and the end product illustrates how fans’ ideas are now becoming actualised.

For more information, and to design your very own Jersey Shop kit, head to the Jersey Shop website.