Samuel Ross’ POLYTHENE* OPTICS Will Launch for Autumn/Winter 2018

The long-awaited offering will be a "brash" contrast to A-COLD-WALL*

February 22nd 2018

Samuel Ross has announced that his POLYTHENE* OPTICS label will launch this Autumn/Winter. Acting as a sister-label to A-COLD-WALL*, the brand will act as a yin/yang to ACW* in terms of its aesthetic, according to Ross.

Talkng about the brand to HYPEBEAST, Ross announced that POLYTHENE* OPTICS will, “realign with our mission statement, democratic design is part of that narrative. The goal is to exist in multiple rooms of the fashion community, POLYTHENE OPTICS* forms a democratic conversation which is much needed.”

Discussing how POLYTHENE* OPTICS is set to juxtapose to ACW* Ross said, “it’s intense, offsetting the delicate, concise nature of A-COLD-WALL* with the hyper graphic brash reactionary nature of POLYTHENE* OPTICS.”

As previously discussed by Ross, POLYTHENE* OPTICS is expected to be the more affordable version of its ACW* counterpart, which will feature both materials and looks that are more readily available. Ross is yet to detail an exact date of when the collection will arrive. Check out a selection of looks from the new collection below.