NBA Star Serge Ibaka Cooks Chicken Feet for Romelu Lukaku in Latest Episode of His Own YouTube Series

"It looks like a hand, bro."

August 21st 2018

Toronto Raptors star Serge Ibaka remixes ‘Hot Ones’ with ‘Come Dine With Me’ for his own YouTube series – ‘How Hungry Are You?’ – and for his latest episode, he’s hosting Romelu Lukaku for dinner.

The NBA power forward serves up the unusual dish of chicken feet with couscous to the Manchester United and Belgium striker, who isn’t much of an obliging guest when it comes to trying out the food.

While Lukaku works up the courage to sample the dish, the football player and basketball star chop it up about the World Cup, the new NBA season and Lukaku’s Congolese roots, in what actually turns out to be an enlightening interview.

We don’t think Lukaku will let Serge cook for him again anytime soon, though.