England Rise up to Fifth in the FIFA World Rankings

The country's highest position for five years.

October 26th 2018

The England men’s national team has risen to a five-year record high in the FIFA World Rankings.

After defeating Spain 3-2 in the UEFA Nations League earlier this month, England’s World Cup form has carried through to their recent matches and seen them rise up the ranks.

Belgium meanwhile top the table, having previously been tied with World Cup winners France for the top spot – and Germany continue to slip, now down to 14th in the table.

A new style of FIFA World Ranking named “SUM” was developed and introduced this August, and it relies on adding/subtracting points won or lost for a game to/from the previous point totals rather than averaging game points over a given time period as in the previous version of the World Ranking.

Brazil take the third, Croatia at fourth, with Uruguay, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain and Denmark making up the remainder of the top 10.