Nike and The NATIVE Collaborate on a Wavey Lagos-Inspired Jersey

For the pitch and the dancehall.

December 19th 2018

Nike connect with Lagos-based African culture magazine The NATIVE for the latest drop from their Jersey Shop.

Founded in 2016, The NATIVE is dedicated to telling stories inspired by Naija culture – its origins are in music, explicitly in covering Afrobeats, but it’s grown to absorb everything that surrounds the scene — fashion, skating and football.

The collaborative jersey with Nike has been designed to suit the pitch and the street. The black/white colourway is inspired by the common use of tyres used for goalposts in Nigeria’s street football, and the word ‘ILÉ’ – which translates to ‘home’ – is featured on the back of the shirt.

Situated on the right sleeve of the shirt, Nigeria’s international calling code, +234, is a nod to the diaspora — many Nigerians live all over the world, but retain close ties.


NATIVE co-founders Saraki and TeeZee have close ties to grassroots football in Nigeria. TeeZee is responsible for Lagos’ popular semi-pro Thursday Night Football league, and Saraki has a football academy in Kwara State, North Nigeria. Both point to the breadth of football’s rootedness in Nigeria and the vibrant emotional connection to the sport — something they believe will grow through next summer’s women’s competition.

The limited edition jersey will be available in Europe and Nigeria at