Daily Paper Launch Wavey SS19 Editorial, ‘How to Survive & Succeed in the Digital Age’

Smart casual ?

March 7th 2019

Daily Paper have just dropped off a new editorial for their latest collection. Shot by Elizabeth Wirija, the editorial to showcase the new collection, which draws inspiration from Africa mastering the 4th Industrial Revolution and exploring “survival and success in the digital age.”

The new SS19 editorial finds the Amsterdam-based lifestyle & streetwear imprint bringing a formal, office vibe to their street-ready clothing with Daily Paper Inc. logos.

In the accompanying press release, Daily Paper say, “As our world seemed more politically engaged last season it was impossible not to react to that. We recruited our community in the hope to unite like minds to explore and protect ourselves from the uncertainty of what was/ is to come. Within our DP community we discovered the importance we place on a global community, on relevance, on achievement, equality, privacy, and on freedom. We encouraged self-education and explored how we could protect ourselves and our freedom with the power of privacy in a time where we question if it even still exists. That is exactly where our conversation has gone this season, as a response to stories of data manipulation and mass surveillance we look at our own influence and the role of private sector companies in this space.”

“From mobile microphone hacking for targeted ads, information overload to cyber vigilantism, Daily Paper realise our data is valuable but also vulnerable, along with ourselves. Although at many times convenient the constant surveillance and interception threatens our privacy, our freedom of expression and also our freedom of association. We believe that the digital age can empower and accelerate us but only if we leverage it before it leverages us. We feel the need to reclaim some power over our experience in the digital age. We attempt to answer the question; How to Survive & Succeed in the Digital Age.”

Check out the best shots from the campaign editorial below.

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