hummel and Willy Chavarria Beckon Love with the 5683 Connection Project

Positivity is the name of the game 🙌

July 12th 2019

Positivity is the name of the game as hummel and Willy Chavarria join forces to spread a message of love with the 5683 Connection Project.

It isn’t the first time that the Mexican designer Willy Chavarria has put his stamp on the Scandanavian heritage sportswear style at the core of hummel, bridging the gap between the two nations. For their second collaboration, both teams were inspired by a message of LOVE, expressing this theme using a classic mobile phone keypad as the #5683 Connection Project.

The collaboration falls in line with hummel’s commitment to connecting immigrants and refugees all over the world through a shared love for sports. In bringing the concept to life, the team opted for a futuristic aesthetic that utilises neutral shades as a base with bold contrasts to create statement looks. From top to bottom the collection features outerwear, hoodies, tees, pants, and shorts.

Get familiar with the collaboration below, and to shop the hummel x Willy Chavarria 5683 Connection Project from August 15th via hummel and select retailers.

hummel Willy Chavarria 2

hummel Willy Chavarria 3

hummel Willy Chavarria 4

hummel Willy Chavarria 5