Novelist Releases Powerful Mini Film to Accompany his Cold Track “No Weapons”

Vital viewing.

August 1st 2019

Novelist has debuted his new short film ‘No Weapons’, and it makes for vital viewing.

Addressing the current epidemic of knife and gun violence in London head-on, the BLOK-directed mini-film follows fellow Lewisham natives Kasey McKellar, Jay Duong and Andre Dwayne as they become embroiled in street turmoil.

Knife and gun crime is once again on the rise in the UK, and the film provides an evocative look at the impact it has on the families and communities affected in the ongoing probelms while Novelist delivers the track’s anti-arms message.

Speaking to blog site Shots, the film’s director, BLOK, opened up on the necessity to produce the visuals for the track: “We were all too aware that this was a subject matter close to home for Nov, who was stabbed at the age of 13. We had all seen the government campaigns about knife crime, and as good as they were, we felt that perhaps the reason they might not be as effective as they could be was to do with the way and by whom the message was being presented. Surely a young grime artist who has been directly affected by knife and gun crime throughout his life, telling his story through his own art and with a prescient visual would be a great way to get this message to the right people? And you would think that their ears would be open to his voice.”

Watch the Prem-produced ‘No Weapons’ mini-film above and listen back to his Mercury Prize-nominated debut album ‘Novelist Guy’ here.