Stay Strapped with the Billionaire Boys Club EU Tree Camo Luggage Lineup

Bag it up ?

October 15th 2019

For many, holiday season is over, but not for Billionaire Boys Club EU, who have just launched a wavy tree camo luggage line up.

If you’ve watched BBC EU with keen eyes, you’ll be familiar with their luggage debut in 2018 with the Space Camo collection. Despite being new territory for the brand, they handled it with finesse and true BBC flair, warranting the return of the line for 2019, this time decorated in two variations of tree camouflage. This take on the pattern may feel somewhat familiar at first, acting as a remixed version of Real Tree Camo. Upon further examination, however, the Billionaire Boys Club flamboyancy is very clear, with a range of classic characters and logos featuring throughout.

The full lineup includes black and wood versions of a laptop bag, shoulder bag, and backpack, while the collection’s standout 87-litre oversized holdall and chest rig are executed solely in black. For frequent travellers the oversized holdall is an impressive piece of kit, coming in at over double the size of your average holdall, all the while boasting some slick detailing.

Explore the Billionaire Boys Club EU Tree Camo luggage collection below, and head over to their online store to shop the full range.