Daily Paper x Loco Dice Flex Worldwide with “Souks of Maghreb” Collection

Daily Paper take the drip to Morocco ?

October 18th 2019

Daily Paper heads to Morocco to bring their latest collaboration alongside Loco Dice to life.

There is no denying the strength of Daily Paper’s aesthetic, whether they’re representing their African heritage with explosive visual treatments, or delivering neck-snapping apparel lines, the Amsterdam natives have to know how to stay one step ahead. Their inclusive culture doesn’t begin and end with clothing, however, with their collaborative efforts demonstrating their close connection to music. Their latest drop sees them once again team up with German Techno DJ and producer, Loco Dice, for their third culturally-inspired clothing collaboration.

This time around the teams come together to deliver “Souks of Maghreb”, stepping outside the fast pace of their 2018 Motorcross collab to explore Dice’s Tunisian heritage. Inspired by the rich spices that call the location home, the drop goes the extra mile with an exclusive white saffron djellaba and one-of-a-kind rug, alongside the signature apparel and T-shirt lines we’ve come to expect from any Daily Paper lineup.

Ahead of the collection’s release, Dice will be heading up an intimate launch party at Daily Paper’s Amsterdam flagship store. Eye up the collection below and look out the collaboration’s full online drop on October 18th.