FIFA 20’s Game-Breaking FUT Ultimate Scream Players Have Landed

Monstrous upgrades ?

October 18th 2019

FIFA 20’s latest charged up cards have arrived.

This year’s Ultimate Scream upgrades are sure to frighten any FUT player they come up against, with Zlatan Ibrahimović, Sergio Aguero and Dele Alli among the new and improved batch.

This year is slightly different to previous years in that all Ultimate Scream players will receive PERMANENT upgrades which last throughout FUT 20, and each Scream Team player will receive a different combination of upgrades.

The first 11 Scream Team Players will be in packs from the start of Ultimate Scream until October 25th and over Halloween. A second team of players will be in packs from October 25th until the end of the event.

In related FIFA 20 news, young Nigerian baller Victor Osimhen has landed the Ligue 1 POTM Award on FIFA 20.