Eni Aluko Becomes Latest High-Profile Footballer to Sign for Common Goal

Donating 1% of her earnings to help football initiatives around the world ?

November 5th 2019

Eni Aluko is the latest high-profile footballer to sign up for the Common Goal initiative, with the Juventus striker set to donate 1% of her earnings to a collective fund that invests in community initiatives involving football around the world.

The 100-cap Lioness striker was unveiled as the latest recruit to the organisation by former Manchester United player Eric Cantona at the Web Summit tech conference in Lisbon on Tuesday, with Aluko the 135th football player or manager to join the movement.

Speaking about the decision to join the initiative, Aluko said, “In football we can’t achieve anything alone, and the same goes for social change – it’s a team game. Only together can we change the world. Now is the time for us all to unite behind a shared vision for football and show how together we can shape the future of the world.

“I always felt I needed to use my voice. I’ve been personally affected by racism but, like many other athletes, I want to be able to use my voice to solve this problem in football, and society, because with Common Goal if we address something in football it will have a knock-on effect on society.”

Aluko joins Juventus men’s captain Giorgio Chiellini as another early member of Common Goal, with both players winning Serie A with their respective Juventus sides last season.

Chiellini said: “Our contribution individually can seem so small in relation to the scale of problems facing the world. But I think together we can really help the younger generation of players to understand what the world needs, what the problems for the future might be. Leaders like Eni, Jürgen Klopp and Megan Rapinoe are showing what can be done and are helping us create a big, powerful platform for the future.”

Head to the Common Goal website for more information on the initiative and the donors and in other women’s football news, Australian Women’s football team are set to earn the same pay as the Socceroos in a new landmark deal.