Kylian Mbappé’s New ‘IBKM’ Charity Will Help 98 Parisian Kids Live Their Dream

"A lot of children have potential but don't have the money to do it and me, I'm here to help" ?

January 21st 2020

Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé has launched a new charity that aims to help children to live their dreams.

‘Inspired by Kylian Mbappe (IBKM)’ has been set up by the young world-beater to help support 98 Parisian children – the number nodding to the year of his birth – achieve their goals by offering them financial support.

Kids between the ages of nine and 16 from various social backgrounds will be helped by Mbappé, who opened up on recognising his new status as a world-renowned idol despite his youth.

The 21-year-old said: “When you are children you have a lot of dreams! A lot of children have potential but don’t have the money to do it and me, I’m here to help. I will be there for them.”

Mbappé also opened up on his struggles dealing with fame as a young kid: “It was hard for me to be famous very young. First year I cry a lot, I was alone, it was not easy, you just want to play football. I had my dad so it was a big moment for me but I grew up and then I became pro.(My parents) were there for me and they say stay calm, stay with your values.”

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#Mbappe2020 ?

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Mbappé also opened up about his admiration of Liverpool to the BBC, and it’s clear he’s been brushing up on his English. Speaking up about Liverpool in a big way, the Bondy-born baller said: “What Liverpool do in this moment is amazing,” Mbappe said. “They’re like a machine, they’ve found a rhythm and are like ‘we play again, we play again’.

“They’ve lost zero games. When you watch you think everything’s easy but that’s not easy. The guys are focused, they play games every three days and they win, they win, they win.

“Now the problem is that everybody watches Liverpool, and everybody watches what we can do against them, so now they have to show they are strong again but it’s a very good team with a very good manager.”

After ending the interview by saying: “”I have to stay calm and stay focused on PSG. After that, at the end of the season, we will see,” #Mbappe2020 is still very much on the cards for Liverpool fans.

In related football news, PSG’s Jordan-brand fourth kit will drop at the Paris NBA Game this Friday.