Octavian Celebrates His Birthday by Dropping Cold “DEATH OF A TRAITOR” Freestyle

Promising the "Birth of a New Era for the United Kingdom" ⚔️ ??

January 22nd 2020

Octavian has blessed us with a brand-new freestyle titled “Death of a Traitor” and its accompanying visuals to celebrate his birthday.

Linking up with long-term collaborator Cosmo Webber to provide some murky visuals to accompany the cold new track, Octavian is back on menacing form on the mic, laying down uncompromising vitriol in the freestyle’s dark lyrics and sonics.

Octavian is set to drop a new project before the end of 2020, and if “Death of a Traitor” is a taster of what’s to come, you can expect Octavian to keep the same “fuck ’em all” energy throughout his music as we head into the new year, with the rapper promising the “Birth of a New Era for the United Kingdom” after releasing the tune track.

Tune into the video for “Death of a Traitor Freestyle” above, and in other music news, check out the best football lyrics from DigDat’s ‘Ei8ht Mile’ mixtape featuring Eto’o, Iwobi and Sterling.