Wilfried Zaha Has Offered Free Housing to NHS Staff in London Fighting Coronavirus

Helping relieve over-worked hospital staff ?

March 23rd 2020

Wilfried Zaha has offered London-based NHS workers free accommodation to relieve the capital’s over-worked staff following the corona virus outbreak.

The Crystal Palace winger has said that NHS staff can reach out to his housing firm ZoProperties, which he co-owns, who are offering free housing to medical staf fighting the pandemic.

ZoProperties has around 50 apartments used for business and relocation which which will now be given out rent-free during the pandemic as part of the initiative.

Zaha also generously finances Tomorrow’s Hope, an orphanage in the Ivory Coast ran by his sister, as part of the 10% of his wage packet he donates to charity.

Speaking to The Mirror last year, Zaha said: “My passion for football has given me a platform to do something I love and to help others that, like me, didn’t receive any help or handouts.”

“I love football and always give everything on the pitch, but I am aware that one day I will have another life with my charity, family friends and those trusted people around me.”

NHS staff interested in Zaha’s initiative should email Obi Williams at obi@zoproperties.com