Get the First Look at the 2020/21 Premier League Ball, the Nike Flight

Equipped with 30% truer flight than it's predecessor ✅

June 29th 2020

Nike have just unveiled the new Premier League ball for 2020/21 – the Nike Flight –a football that incorporates 8 years of innovation to create 30% truer flight than its Nike predecessor.

The game-changing football addresses issues of inconsistent aerodynamics through a revolutionary ball design. Incorporating Nike’s new AerowSculpt technology, the ball delivers a measurable benefit of 30 percent truer flight than its Nike predecessor.

The ball reduces wobble and creates more predictable and consistent flight than ever before, with Nike’s Innovation Equipment Lab engineered a solution that promotes air movement around the ball rather than gripping its surface.

Get a closer look at the Nike Flight ball and the design process below, and purchase it from now.

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