Why We Created VERSUS FC (and How You Can Join)

Why We Created VERSUS FC (and How You Can Join)

Join the club and change football forever 🤝

July 18th 2020

VERSUS is a platform that takes pride in putting our community first. With your help, we've built the most engaged, passionate and positive set of football fans online – and now we want to put the power in your hands with our new membership programme: VERSUS FC.

VERSUS FC is an opportunity for you to support our work and become an official VERSUS board member – giving you the chance to shape what we do and change football forever. By signing up, you'll become a member of 'The Board' where you can make suggestions about the stories we should be covering, and the issues we should be campaigning on.

Mainstream media isn’t representative of how our generation really feels – they still think that “footballers should stick to football” and talk about anything off-pitch like it’s an unhealthy distraction. They don’t respect our wave of ballers.

VERSUS is different. We celebrate the future of football and the game’s positive impact on culture and society. We know you do too.

VERSUS FC members will receive 5 sick perks to welcome them to the club:

1. Join ‘The Board’ to speak with the VERSUS team every month and influence our content

2. Exclusive access to our ‘You Know Ball’ podcast

3. ‘The Bagsman Bulletin’ weekly newsletter

4. Access to the VERSUS FIFA Pro Clubs team

5. Entry into members-only raffles for sneakers and jerseys, and discount codes from wavey brands and retailers

Your membership will help us to build a truly influential fan-powered media brand that really represents our generation of fans and players.

Thank you for your support – we move.

How do I join VERSUS FC?

Joining VERSUS FC takes just a few minutes and can be done by following a few simple steps:

1. Visit the VERSUS FC page on SteadyHQ

2. Choose your package (Young Baller or Certified Bagsman)

3. Set up your SteadyHQ account

4. Add your personal and payment details

5. Complete your sign up!

Once your membership is confirmed, you’ll receive a welcome email from VERSUS with your private link to episode one of ‘You Know Ball’ with Fikayo Tomori.

You’ll also be asked to reply to the email with your Instagram handle, so we can add you to our ‘Close Friends’ list on Instagram. This is one way we’ll communicate with our members to let them know about meetings of ‘The Board’, Pro Clubs sessions, podcast drops, and loads more.

How do I receive my perks?

Every Friday, you’ll receive ‘The Bagsman Bulletin’ – our newsletter that’s exclusive to VERSUS FC members.

This will include links to new episodes of ‘You Know Ball’ and details about VERSUS FC activity for the fortcoming week. We’ll also use our Instagram ‘Close Friends’ feature to give our members updates.

Our first meeting of ‘The Board’ and first Pro Clubs games will take place w/c July 20th.

Our first raffle will be drawn on July 31st. By becoming a VERSUS FC member, you’re automatically entered into the draw. The first prize will be revealed in the coming days.

More details are available below:

Is there a limit on membership?

Our first target is to reach 250 members. The first 250 members will receive a special introductory membership rate of £3 per month for ‘Young Baller’, and £6 per month for ‘Certified Bagsman’. Prices will then change to £5 and £10 per month respectively.

Thank you for your support. Let’s change the game.

Join VERSUS FC here and become one of the first 250 members. Together, we can create the most influential fan-powered media brand in the game.