Paul Pogba Joins Competitive Call of Duty Team Verdansk FC

Where we dropping in then, Pog?

August 12th 2020

Paul Pogba has confirmed he is joining a new club as part of a new partnership with Call of Duty, where he’ll be securing dubs in Warzone for new COD outfit Verdansk FC.

Manchester United fans were originally hoping The Frenchman was about to announce a new contract at the club, but now the World Cup winner looks set to get some victory royales off the pitch in the massively popular online game.

After creating some suspense with a cryptic Tweet yesterday, Pogba took to Twitter to announce his move: “Time to start my next chapter with #VerdanskFC. This team is going to be ?!!!”

Pogba joins fellow United baller Jesse Lingard as a big fan of the game, with Manchester United fans Aitch and Jofra Archer also well-known players on the platform.

The only question remains now is: should VERSUS create their own Warzone team to wipe the floor with Pogba and Verdansk FC? Let us know over on our Instagram now if you wanna drop in with and secure some scrumptious dubs together.