The 15 Waviest Pre-Match Jerseys Of The 2020/21 Season

The 15 Waviest Pre-Match Jerseys Of The 2020/21 Season

The boldest – and coldest – warm up looks ?

September 23rd 2020

With this season’s shirt drops all but completed, it’s clear than manufacturers have gone even harder for their pre-match jerseys this time around after breaking new ground in 2019-20.

If you’re not satisfied with your club’s home, away or alternate uniform, brands are now providing consistent heat in the warm-up department, offering up even bolder – and sometimes colder – looks than the official match day uniform.

With designers allowed to rip up the rulebook and offer different drip in the pre-match department, we’ve rounded up the best of the best for the 2020-21. Here we go!

15. Club America Pre-Match Jersey 2020/21

Brand: Nike

For all the fume around Nike “not ditching the templates!!!!” this season after much promise (they actually, by and large, did ditch the templates), the Swoosh blessed Club America with a completely bespoke fit for their warm-up jersey for the 2020/21 season. Featuring an enlarged map graphic that wraps this pre match warm up jersey. Alexa, play Lil Baby, “Global”.

14. Chelsea Pre-Match Jersey (Europe) 2020/21

Brand: Nike

Nike bless Frank Lampard’s new look Chelsea team with a crazy new pre-match option this season. Rather than opting for heritage-inspired houndstooth and tailoring design that the home and away both feature, the Blues’ new warm-up top features a more explosive pattern than Timo Werner’s turn of pace. Crazy.

13. Blackburn Rovers Warm Up Jersey 2020/21

Brand: Umbro

Umbro and Blackburn Rovers have enjoyed some incredible memories together down the year. While you wouldn’t say Morten Gamst-Pederson and Robbie Savage left a legacy of drip behind them, Umbro have released a warm up jersey which firmly brings Rovers into the future with a hard new look. Featuring a 90’s-inspired graphic that isn’t too dissimilar from Palace and Umbro’s England banger from a few years back, this one is a very different look for a new generation of Rovers fans.

12. Bristol City (Green) 2020/21

Brand: Hummel

Hummel blessed Bristol City with three warm up options this season, but the undisputed stand-out is the work that went into their green version that City will don before their games this season. A sublimated Aztec-style graphic runs all over the front of the lime green shirt, offering a completely unique approach for the Championship side. Ratings.

11. FC Porto Pre-Game Short Sleeve Jersey (Home) 2020/21

Brand: New Balance

New Balance bless the Portuguese champions with a super-clean warm-up look for the 2020-21 season, with a luxe, sublimated graphic running over the front of the ‘Moroccan Tile’ coloured jersey alongside the FCP and NB logos. Nice and simple.

10. AC Milan Pre-Match Jersey (Home) 2020/21

Brand: PUMA

Just like the home shirt itself, PUMA’s AC Milan pre-match jersey is also inspired by Milanese architecture – and it looks just as clean. We’ve been quietly impressed with PUMA’s work in Milan since taking the reins over in one of the world’s fashion capitals, and this piece is another example of why.

9. AS Roma Pre-Match Jersey (Home) 2020/21

Brand: Nike

Nike really pulled out all the stops for Roma in what’s reported to be their last collection together, before their iconic era of drip comes to an end this season. Alongside a hard home kit and unreal, throwback away jersey, Roma were also blessed with the best pre-match jersey we’ve seen so far. Going for a slightly garish, all-over repeated-square design, this striking, street-ready shirt is a fitting send-off for the partnership.

8. Man City Pre-Match Jersey (Home) 2020/21

Brand: PUMA

PUMA completely ripped up the rule books when they took to working with Manchester City’s kits this season. Following the same cracked, marble theme as the club’s home shirt, the club’s warm-up jersey goes much for a more understated navy look.

7. Barcelona Pre-Match Shirt (Home) 2020/21

Brand: Nike

We’ve been wondering when Nike would dip into the Gaudi-inspired graphics for Barca, with the Catalan artist’s work such a prominent part of the city’s landscape and history. While it’s been hinted at on previous pieces together, the 2020/21 pre-match jersey goes all guns blazing on the motif – featuring a wavey, all-over mosaic which extends the vibe of last season’s home shirt into a much more striking shirt.

6. Real Madrid Pre-Match Shirt (Home) 2020/21

Brand: adidas

Real’s pre-match away shirt is the cleanest Three Stripes warm-up shirt. With coral hits accenting the washed-out blue and white graphic, Real will look wavey on the road next season in a shirt made entirely from recycled ocean plastic.

5. Spurs Pre-Match Shirt 2020/21

Brand: Nike

The streetwear influence in Spurs new home shirts also drips through to the pre-match jersey, with a striking, 90’s-inspired gradient graphic serving up some T90 type nostalgia. This pre-match option is arguably better than the club’s home jersey this season, with the removal of the sponsor making this a much more wearable street-ready option.

4. Liverpool Pre-Match Shirt (Home) 2020/21

Brand: Nike

You’d never have thought Liverpool Football Club would be warming up while donning a sublimated Louis V-styled monogram jersey until the Swoosh’s Scouse takeover – but it’s a look befitting of the reigning Champions of the World. It’s a proper bespoke look for Liverpool to warm up in, and the subtle detailing pops nicely when out in the light of day. Certified head-turning (and rival fan-rattling) pieces produced by Nike.

3. Red Bull Leipzig Pre-Match Jersey (Home) 2020/21

Brand: Nike

Red Bull Leipzig become one of Nike’s elite sides this season – understandably, given their status as UCL semi-finalists and regular Bundesliga Top 4 finishers – and their march has leveled up along with their on-field clout. The Red Bull Leipzig warm-up jersey is mental; a complete, all-over acid trip blurring an insane, all-over grey and orange graphic that Sabitzer and co will don before they take to the pitch in 20/21.

2. Inter Milan Pre-Match Shirt (Home) 2020/21

Brand: Nike

Inter and Nike always deliver bangers when they drop collections together. Their pre-match home jersey is no different, fusing the best elements of design that the pair bring to the table. Featuring a mad blue and black camo pattern graphic and striking yellow accenting – with the Pirelli sponsor still popping as ever – this one is a certified banger.

1. Arsenal Warm Up Jersey (Europe) 2020-21

Brand: adidas

adi and Arsenal have really been making it very difficult for Gunners’ fans pockets since the Three Stripes took over in London. The Gunners’ latest ‘Ultimate’ warm-up shirt for the 2020-21 season is just unreal, utilising the same tie-dye effect as the club’s Third Jersey, but delivering this option in a clean, coral colourway. Expect Arsenal to be the envy of Europe when Saka, Auba, Laca and co. don the strip on their Europa League adventures this season… from a style perspective, at least.