Art of Football Release New Upcycled Sweaters Made From Vintage Club Scarves

Giving vintage memorabilia a new lease of life ?

February 15th 2021

Art of Football have provided a fresh take on a trusted tradition with a new up-cycling project that sees vintage football scarves from around the world reworked into AOF sweats.

With football scarves still representing a timeless show of support by football fans today, the football design studio have served up a fresh take on a staple matchday item using sustainable new design methods.

With up-cycling all the rage at the moment, Art of Football have provided their own take on the popular creative outlet by knitting in the scarf as part of an AOF sweater to create environmentally-resilient, stylistically-sound one-of-one pieces.

There will be 110 bespoke items in the new collection, spanning across a range of teams and sizes, with each garment completely unique and cut and sewn by hand.

The collection will go live at 1PM GMT on Thursday 25/02 and will be available exclusively from the Art of Football website. Get a closer look at a selection of the pieces below.