Héctor Bellerín Launches New Sustainable Clothing Line with H&M

'Presenting: Edition By Héctor Bellerín' drops February 18th ♻️

February 1st 2021

Héctor Bellerín is set to launch a brand-new clothing line with H&M later this month, a collection that fuses his stylistic attention to detail with an ethos rooted in sustainability.

The “agenda-pushing collection” was co-created between the Arsenal full back and the men’s design team at H&M through all creative stages, with everything from the look and attitude of the collection to colours, silhouettes, graphics, and styling chosen by Bellerín and guided by his commitment to sustainability.

Combining streetwear with utilitarianism, the ‘Presenting: Edition By Héctor Bellerín’ is H&M’s first sustainable collection for men – and made exclusively from more sustainable materials. The collection’s cottons are organic or recycled from textile production waste; nylons and polyesters are 100% recycled; and man-made fabrics like Ecovero viscose and Tencel lyocell are created from sustainably sourced cellulose fibres.

Speaking about the collection, Bellerín said: “Making this collection as sustainable as possible was important, because to me there can be no other way. We should not put our creative freedom or greed first when there are many other ways — even though they might be more difficult or expensive to achieve — that enable us to create the same product. This collection proves that you can make beautiful and meaningful pieces from recycled yarns and materials that have been worn before.”

The range features versatile sweatshirts, hoodies and tees alongside poplin shirts, anoraks and tote bags that arrive in neutral tones such as concrete grey, sage, amber, and sun yellow. The collection aesthetic is described be Bellerín as a “very relaxed, genderless and neutral mix of colours and fits that can complement anyone’s wardrobe.”

‘Edition By Héctor Bellerín’ will be available at hm.com and in selected stores on 18 February. Get a closer look at pieces from the upcoming collection below.