Kappa Serve Up Greatness for their Debut Kit With Venezia FC

Serie A ain't ready.

July 29th 2021

Venezia FC have just unveiled their new home shirt from Kappa, with the brand’s debut with the club featuring a luxurious look inspired by Venetian details and iconography.

Kappa have gone blind for the Venetians with the new design, which ensures the floating city will be breezing into their grand return to Serie A in serious style.

Featuring a solid black base, the shirt features a regal trompe l’oeil Venetian wall texture and striking gold accents inspired by the city’s gilded churches, monuments, and palazzi.

The Lagunari’s traditional colours of green and orange are bound together with the black of the jersey into a flag in the centre of the chest, collar and sleeves. The horizontal stripes of last season are gone and replaced by a texture reminiscent of Venice’s lagoon.

The jersey also features the gold stars of St Mark’s Basilica — Venice’s iconic cathedral — assembled into a “V” symbol, with “Venezia” running where the club sponsor would usually be and featured in gold.

The design and development was handled by the New York-based creative agency, Fly Nowhere, in collaboration with Kappa – who have yet again delivered greatness for the club and create one of the shirts of the season so far.

You can cop the kit now from the Venezia FC website – get a closer look at the kit in the lookbook below.