Red Star FC and Kappa Drop Customisable Kits In Collaboration With Daily Paper

The first ever kit with swappable velcro badges ?

August 6th 2021

Red Star have finally released their highly anticipated home and away kits for the 21/22 season, and they do not disappoint.

Both kits this season have been designed by Kappa in collaboration with Daily Paper – the Amsterdam-based streetwear brand drawing inspiration from African culture – and they become the first ever shirts to include a customisable club badge via velcro.

The bespoke and innovative design means the Red Star crest can be replaced with various badges, each one conveying an important message the club wants to represent to their fans and the football world.

Three badges are currently available via the club’s online store: “Our heart, our strength”, “Bauer” and “Refugees Welcome”. The design makes this shirt the first of its kind, fully customisable. Throughout the year, other badges will be released to highlight the club’s commitment to specific causes they strongly believe in.

The home kit incorporates the traditional club colours, green and white, while the away kit uses the same template but using a different colour palette, crimson and orange.

Both kits can be purchased via the club’s online store here.