adidas Drop Off Their Ice Cold ‘White Spark’ Football Boot Pack

Winter is coming... ❄️

October 26th 2021

adidas have just dropped off their boot pack for 21/22, with the ‘White Spark’ range offering both laced and laceless options for an ice cold pack featuring the Predator Freak, X Speedflow and COPA Sense silhouettes.

White boots have been synonymous with some of the game’s biggest showboats and flashiest players. Traditionally a breakaway from the classic black boot, white boots have always aimed to make a mark on the pitch. Whether or not they make you faster or more skilful as a baller is up for debate, but there’s no denying there’s always been something special about a white boot.

The Predator Freak+ uses a colour combination of ‘White/Iron Metallic’ and ‘Solar Red’ to make sure the boots stand out on the pitch.

The X Speedflow+ is available in both laced and laceless options new, with the colourway set to be donned by all leading adidas X Speedflow ballers like Liverpool’s Mo Salah, Tottenanham’s Hueng-Min Son and Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema.

Completing the pack is the COPA Sense+. The laceless boot uses the same ‘White/Iron Metallic’ and ‘Solar Red’ colour palette ensuring uniformity across the collection.

All boots are available in laceless, laced, SG and FG and can be copped via adidas. Get a closer look at the ‘White Spark pack below.