Football Beyond Borders Launch Bespoke Kits to Support Disadvantaged Young People

Education charity FBB have gone above and beyond with their 'Beyond the Badge' project.

November 29th 2021

Football Beyond Borders have taken the kit launch to a whole new level with the release of their latest shirts.

Donned by some of the charity’s participants and programme graduates, FBB have created six bespoke shirts – all designed by the young people they work with – to support some of the country’s most disadvantaged children.

FBB works with young people across London and the North East to help them finish school with the skills and grades needed to make a successful transition into adulthood. Their ‘Beyond the Badge’ project is an example of using young people’s passions to provide long-term, intensive support that extends beyond the classroom.

Working in collaboration with Kitlocker, Art of Football and Alphabet, young people were given the opportunity to hone their skills as creatives and designers, and were involved in the launch of FBB’s first-ever e-commerce store. Experiences that help to broaden their horizons in the world of employment and football.

Each design is a reflection of what matters most to each of the young people they work with. Community, creativity, freedom of expression, thriving in the face of adversity. These designs are more than colours and shapes, they’re representations of young people’s values and sense of identity.

“We brought the best ideas for a design together, and got to put them on a shirt. It makes me feel strong; it makes me feel powerful. When I wear it, I feel like I can do anything, and my voice is heard” explained 15-year-old Salma when asked about ‘Beyond the Badge’.

By backing their badge, you can help to support FBB’s vision of helping as many young people – like Salma – across the country to achieve their full potential.

You can purchase any of the shirts via Kitlocker, with all proceeds being donated to FBB so they can continue their work of keeping young people at risk of exclusion in school. So pick a shirt, join their team, and play beyond the badge.

Images provided by Football Beyond Borders.