Black Arrow FC and Umbro Show how Impactful a Football Jersey can be With Their Latest Project

Supporting those who need it most through the 'beautiful game'.

September 28th 2022

Black Arrow FC have linked up with Umbro for the first time to spotlight the work of non-profit Take Care of Home via Ethiopia’s National Team kit.

First donned during AFCON earlier this year, Ethiopia’s kits were some of the most wavy on display during the entire tournament.

An ode to the colours of the country’s national flag, the decorative design incorporated the use of traditional textile patterns known as ‘Tibeb’, traditionally used for special occasions and ceremonies, making it the perfect jersey to support a charitable initiative like this one – a cause that’s helping to support Ethiopian children.

Take Care of Home is an Ethiopian diaspora-founded nonprofit that builds classrooms in rural Ethiopia, and for their collaboration, BAFC and Umbro have chosen to tell the story of the organisation’s founder, Demisew Getaneh, whose trip back to his childhood Ethiopian elementary school in 2014, made him realise how little his former school had improved since the ‘90s. 

Fast-forward to today, Take Care of Home has helped to build 7 different schools, 36 classrooms, provide school supplies to 500 students and daily lunches to the most underprivileged children, as well as clean drinking water for 35 families. 

All the proceeds from shirts purchased via Take Care of Home’s website, will go towards helping the non-profit work with more vulnerable families and children in Ethiopia, in the hope of ensuring these local communities thrive, not just survive.

Take a closer look at the shirts below.