CONMEBOL Wants the 2030 World Cup to Be Played in 1930s Style Football Kits

Running it back to celebrate 100 years of the World Cup.

October 17th 2022

In honour of the World Cup’s 100th anniversary in 2030, CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez is calling for national teams to take to the field in 1930s-style retro kits.

It’ll be a century since the first World Cup took place in Uruguay by the time the 2030 tournament comes around and CONMEBOL – South America’s equivalent of UEFA – are asking to FIFA to organise an anniversary tournament that pays heritage to the first WC, including it being hosted in South America and retro jerseys being worn by all qualified nations.

Proposed to “honor the memory” and legacy of the centenary, Dominguez made his plea in Paraguay during a visit from FIFA president Gianni Infantino. His bid hopes to take the tournament across Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and Uruguay.

In his speech, he proposed those taking to the field wear what their counterparts of 100 years ago would have, commenting that “history cannot be bought with money, luxury does not make history.” This is something that has happened previously, famously during FIFA’s 2004 centenary game between France and Brazil, and in other games such as the Manchester Derby in 2008 in memory of the Munich Air Disaster.

The appetite for retro football apparel has grown insatiable, with blokecore taking the demand outside of its cult following and into current fashion trends. But while seeing Kylian Mbappé don a retro France would be an interesting change of pace, the practicalities of getting 32 nations and their technical suppliers to work together on a creative concept like this highly unlikely.