Nike Explores How Football Connects the Black Diaspora in New FM Broadcast

Nike Explores How Football Connects the Black Diaspora in New FM Broadcast

Spotlighting some of the most influential Black changemakers in football.

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December 17th 2022

Nike shines its spotlight on some of the most important Black individuals in football culture for the latest FM Broadcast, which explores how the beautiful game is one of the key connectors of Black diaspora across Europe and beyond.

Nike’s FM Broadcast series is geared to start the conversations that will lead football to be the most inclusive space it’s ever been. While the sport remains a great space of joy and self-expression, its challenges with regards to diversity are well-documented. More than 100 hate offences have occurred in English stadiums over the last year, while hijabs are banned from official club matches in France.

This special episode of FM Broadcast from Nike looks at how we can make change in those areas, among others. Hosted by VERSUS’ very own Mayowa Quadri, this conversation hears from three people across Europe who are fighting for a better future for football. One that’s inclusive for all regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

Taiwo Awoniyi is a global citizen of the game. The Nigerian striker has played at the highest level in four of Europe’s biggest football nations – England, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany – and has seen the different social and cultural challenges facing each country.

Founé Diawara is co-president of Les Hijabeuses, a collective of young hijab-wearing female footballers campaigning against the ban on wearing hijabs as part of a wider battle to promote a more inclusive society in France. Diawara was only 15 years old when she was first told she could not wear her hijab in a football match, and has been fighting against others going through the same thing ever since.

John Adekunle is a footballer and member of Darwin FC, a football collective from Berlin that fights discrimination with online and offline campaigns. Their dream is to build a culture for football that makes the game a safe space for people of all colours, genders and backgrounds.

You can watch Mayowa speak with all three changemakers for the latest Nike FM Broadcast now.

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