FC Barcelona Bring Tunnel Fits to Europe

FC Barcelona Bring Tunnel Fits to Europe

What's Catalan for double denim?

February 8th 2023

American sports are ahead of European football in a lot of ways. A better understanding of data, higher standards of TV analysis, that drink with the chicken on top – they’ve got a lot we don’t have. The best part of US sports though – and this isn’t up for debate – are the tunnel fits.

Those prematch glimpses into the minds of megastars, flashes of individualism permitted between arrival and the locker room captured for us all to see. These moments before uniformity is enforced, have grown into a regular spot in the sartorial spotlight for the country’s more fashion-conscious stars. The tunnel has been used to announce new sponsorships, exhibit solidarity with social issues and debut some of the worst outfits known to sports. Now, everyone’s favourite Catalan behemoth has brought the trend across the water to see how fútbol’s most talented get on. Some are good, some are bad, all are in a tunnel.

Take a look below at our FC Barcelona tunnel fits selección.