Jack Grealish Signs Record-Breaking Brand Deal With PUMA

The Manchester City ace will wear PUMA's FUTURE football boot.

March 6th 2023

Jack Grealish has signed a record-breaking deal with PUMA after leaving Nike.

The new boot-deal with the German sports brand, will see Britain’s most expensive player in history become a PUMA FUTURE athlete.

PUMA claimed, Grealish’s creativity and distinct style was what made him the perfect fit for their FUTURE range. With the Manchester City and England playmaker explaining how linking up with PUMA will allow him to “express himself” and do “things differently” both on and off the pitch.

PUMA anticipates that ‘Super Jack’ will be one of the brand’s leading faces in both football and culture, hardly surprising considering how much Grealish has transcended the beautiful game in recent years.

Last August, Grealish signed a seven-figure ambassador deal with Gucci – a move that was totally unprecedented in football at the time. That summer he also graced the cover of British music, fashion and culture magazine The Face.

Although a FUTURE athlete, Grealish’s personal love of fashion and his already growing influence in the industry, will no doubt encourage PUMA to include him in upcoming lifestyle campaigns and ranges. And who knows…can we expect a Grealish x Skepta PUMA link-up in the near FUTURE?