Orlando Pride Makes the Switch to Dark Shorts in Light of Period Concerns

The NWSL club is the first in the league to make the impactful kit change.

March 1st 2023

Orlando Pride is the first National Women’s Soccer League club to implement dark coloured shorts due to period concerns.

The club’s secondary ‘Luna’ kit previously featured a white jersey, shorts, and socks with silver numbers to create a monochromatic look. However, in order to make players feel more comfortable and confident whilst playing during their menstrual cycles, the club has opted for black shorts.

Haley Carter, VP of soccer operations and General Manager at Orlando Pride, said the decision was made to “remove the stigma involved in discussing the health issues impacting women and menstruating non-binary and trans athletes” in football. With the club also hoping the change will help to “maximise performance and increase accessibility to sport”.

In addition to changing the first team’s kit, all girls’ teams within the club’s youth structure will also switch to dark shorts for both training and competitive matches.

This change comes after increased concerns over the prevalence of white shorts in women’s football. Last year, Manchester City became the first club in the Women’s Super League to ditch white shorts. And most recently, the Lionesses spoke openly about their desire for Nike’s England kit to change colour over period concerns – a decision the team wants actioned before this summer’s World Cup.

By prioritising player welfare, Orlando Pride’s decision will hopefully create a positive chain reaction within the league and abroad.