PUMA Announce Investment Into ACL Research Study

Pushing the game forward one study at a time.

July 28th 2023

With the Women’s World Cup in full swing, PUMA is taking its commitment to the future of football beyond the pitch, investing significantly in a comprehensive study aiming to understand and reduce ACL injuries.

ACL injuries have become a pertinent issue in the game, with female players known to be between two to 10 times more likely to suffer them when compared to their male counterparts. PUMA is hoping their research will aid in preventing this issue from continuing to grow amongst players in the women’s game.

The brand aims to develop effective training programmes and the women-specific boots they launched two years ago, with performance and safety equally prioritised as they invest in current and future generations of athletes.

Heading ‘Down Under’, PUMA launched a pitch in Sydney to further show their commitment in creating pathways for future stars. The brand kicked off a four-day programme where a select group of players received guidance from legends of the game Barbara Cox and Trixie Tagg – two players deserving of recognition.

A panel was also held at the pitch in partnership with Victoria University’s Institute of Health and Sport. Those in attendance discussed the barriers women’s sport currently faces and how communities can drive progress across the entire sports industry to make performance apparel more inclusive.

Chief Product Officer of PUMA Maria Valdes said: “As a brand PUMA exists to promote equality, identify challenges and work together with our partners to reduce barriers to women playing sport.”

Hopefully, these will all come together to create a legacy that provides current and future stars with the right infrastructure to thrive, leaving women’s sport in a position where welfare is not compromised for performance.

Check out the event that took place in Sydney below.