Here’s a Closer Look at the adidas and VERSUS ‘Hall of Game’ Women’s World Cup Captions

Here’s a Closer Look at the adidas and VERSUS ‘Hall of Game’ Women’s World Cup Captions

August 2nd 2023

VERSUS and adidas joined forces to celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a first-of-its-kind ‘Hall of Game’ exhibition a the Three Stripes’ flagship store on Oxford Street.

The store was transformed into an interactive exhibition space that showcased the teams and players set to take this summer’s Women’s World Cup by storm. The likes of Jamaica’s Drew Spence, Sweden’s Stina Blackstenius and the USA’s Trinity Rodman were immortalised in a collection of never-before-seen VERSUS captions that adorned jerseys, banners and flags as part of the Women’s World Cup display.

Take a closer look at the captions that were on display below.

Alessia Russo, England

Alessia Russo. You’re looking at the face of the franchise. This back-heeling and show-stealing superstar is gunning for nothing but glory at the Women’s World Cup. Born in ‘99 but real ones know this shooter’s accuracy stays on 100. Looking for one of the deadliest players in the game? Say Less. 11 goals in 22 games for her country says this baller is ready to do big business on the biggest stage. Already swapped the North West for North London this summer to prove her stocks are on the rise. Predators on her feet so you know hunting is her beat. Ask Siri to define ‘fox in the box’ and all you’ll see are pictures of this stargirl celebrating. Put Europe on blast last summer, now it’s time for the world to take notice. AR23 isn’t here to play games. That’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler.

Trinity Rodman, USA

Trinity Rodman. You’re looking at a baller who’s on a one-way trip to the top. If you’re still unfamiliar with this future star’s game, we need to know which rock you’ve been living under. TR is one of the most electrifying players in sports and entertainment. Period. Balling out might be in her Bloodline but we’re looking at a Head of the Table in her own right. You can believe that. Stick ‘Holy’ at the start of her name the way she’s blessed with poise, accuracy, and a killer instinct in the box. This is the youngest first draft pick in US league history, so it makes sense Rodman has no age mates when it comes to hoopin’. Famously said kicking ball “feels like home” and who can doubt her? This is Trin’s house now.

Mary Earps, England

Mary Earps. There are shot stoppers, and then there are show stoppers. This one of a kind keeper definitely sums up the latter. They say goals win games, but a GK like Mary Queen of Stops is what makes a team become football royalty. Don’t believe us? Let’s run back the tapes. Only been in the senior fold since 2017 and she’s already racked up five trophies for her country. Only the Women’s World Cup evades this modern day great and don’t bet against her team throwing a Hail Mary to get the job done this summer. Initials might read ME but best believe Earps is all about the team. The reigning, defending, undisputed FIFA Best in the world at what she does, so it’s only right her game goes global Down Under. There’s something about Mary.

Guro Reiten, Norway

Guro Reiten. Just because this baller does her damage on the wing, don’t ever mistake her for a sideshow. Guro is a certified main event player. Spent 22/23 cashing in for fun in the league, so you know we’re banking on GR11 having a GR8 WWC. Clocked 20 G/A in 21 league games last year for a true Queen of Kingsmeadow. Alexa, play: ‘Watch the Throne’. Overlook this Gresshoppene hooper and the Reiten will be on the wall. A veteran of the game with the fearless energy of a rookie. Watching one of the best forwards on the planet when she’s in her bag just feels so Reit. Already collected 15 trophies in her career but this living legend is hungry for more. Watch her cook this summer. The streets are saying crosswords have become the go-to activity for Norway’s squad on their travels. Let us spell this one out for you and we aren’t talking cryptic. Guro only knows greatness.

Rachel Daly, England

Rachel Daly is about to mash serious works at the WWC. Sacrificed her game to help bring football home playing defence last summer. Now the league’s MVP is making sure her name won’t be getting left back from personal accolades any longer. Domestic POTY? Check. Re-established herself as a certified bagswoman? You bet. Dub her a Daly Offender because she’s criminally good in front of goal. Call her Daly Paper because she’s simply cash money when it counts. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you recognise RD as one of the coldest in the game. Did so much damage for the Villans in 22/23, even her enemies were starting to give her a hero’s welcome. If you think there’s a player that’s put up more numbers than Daly this year, we need to see your working out. 21 goals in 21 games to show the league she can be a total Savage when it comes to taking chances. Went 1-4-1 with the goal ratio, so the prop can no longer be withheld. The world isn’t ready.

Drew Spence, Jamaica

Drew Spence. Round of applause for a baller who’s an inspiration on and off the pitch. Whether she’s revving it up in the engine room or taking a stand to help protect the integrity of the women’s game, this Reggae Girl always knows the right notes to hit. Bagged 11 trophies before swapping West London for North, but that hasn’t stopped Spence being on Big Smoke ever since. Haters might have underrated Team Jamaica, but real ones know this squad is about to perform loud like Redemption Song. Initials read DS but it doesn’t take a detective to figure out this jugadora was born to win. It’s time to salute a real general.

Stina Blackstenius, Sweden

Stina Blackstenius. When you mention this super Swede’s name, just know you’re talking about the cream of the crop. Touched down in North London on a free just over a year ago and has looked invaluable ever since. When the Gunners’ attack faced adversity last season, Stina rose tall and kept them firing. Look up ‘ever-present’ in the dictionary and you’ll see this baller’s name front and centre like the area she occupies on the pitch. Haters say the stats haven’t always mirrored the input. Real ones know the vision becomes clearer when you take the eye test. Makes sense SB comes from a nation of influential fashionistas because this gunwoman’s playing style is usually unmatched. Don’t let her two Olympic silver medals trick you into thinking second place means second best. Stina is the real deal. Pace? Tick. Tenacity? Check. All-round game on lock? You better believe it. Impossible is nothing for Stina Blackstenius. So it’s time to finally give her the stripes she deserves.

Caitlin Ford, Australia

Caitlin Foord. This box office baller is ready to make a movie on home soil. CF9 might be lacing up for a fourth World Cup but best believe this player still has plenty of gas left in the tank. It really is Foord by name, Ford by game the way this shooter is a driving force for club and country. 100 international caps and 29 goals to her name says this jugadora is ready to take the lot in front of her own people. We’re not talking Adele when we say this No.1 hit will be gunning for Hometown Glory come the start of the WWC. A penalty shootout exit in 2019 hasn’t stopped Foord’s Aussie army being spot on ever since. The biggest Women’s World Cup of all time deserves to have the biggest names involved. Caitlin Foord is just that. Respect to a real one.

Lia Wälti, Switzerland

Lia Wälti is the definition of a Swiss Army knife. From cutting through lines with precision passing to slicing into opps with tough tackles. If consistency is key, then this midfield general has the ability to unlock any situation she’s faced with. Picked up the armband for La Nati in 2019 but real ones know Lia was simply born to lead. Real ‘left foot, right foot’ hours the way LW’s greatest strength is her lack of a weak foot. Followed up a league title in 2019 with last season’s Conti Cup but this maestro is gunning for even more this summer with the national team. Her motherland might be famous for their watches but we’re about to see a new meaning of demon time once Lia touches grass down under. With a nickname like Snake Hips, don’t be surprised to see Wälti waltzing past your favourites real soon.