Erling Haaland Blessed With Custom Nike Air Max 95 by Lorenz.OG

A 1 of 1 model for City's alien superstar.

September 5th 2023

Nike linked up with London-based colour designer Lorenzo Federici – the design mastermind behind LORENZ.OG – to gift Erling Haaland a commemorative pair of Air Max 95s.

The trainers are a celebration of the FA Cup final, with Federici paying homage to Man City’s sky blue and white with his signature hand-dyed, ombré style. The blue fades into white and grey on each carefully-coloured tier of the trainer, creating an eye-catching look perfect for the Norwegian star.

Like all of Federici’s work, the trainers are 1 of 1, made with the UEFA Player of the Year in mind. The shoebox features the same gradient pattern as the trainers, with ‘[LORENZ.OG] FOR ERLING BRAUT HAALAND’ printed on the top.

Take a closer look at the bespoke trainers below.