Northern Ireland Secures Equal Pay for Senior International Teams

One more country to add to a growing list.

October 2nd 2023

The Irish FA announced that the senior men’s and women’s Northern Ireland teams will be paid the same, after reaching an agreement last week.

The agreement is effective immediately, with the women’s team currently second in their UEFA Nations League group, and the men hoping to qualify for next summer’s Euros with four qualifying matches left.

Irish FA Director of Women’s Football Angela Platt said: “Equality is the cornerstone of everything we do at the Irish FA. This is a transformative moment for football in this country and demonstrates that we are continuing to invest in the women’s and girls’ game.”

Northern Ireland follows the USA, Australia and Wales in achieving equal pay for their national teams. As women’s football begins to grow at the domestic and international level, with tournaments expanding to create opportunities for more teams, more countries are taking steps towards equal pay.

The nations that currently pay their men’s and women’s teams the same are few and far between, but as more names join that list, the hope is that it will become the new normal rather than something that has to be achieved.