Emma Hayes Becomes the Highest Paid Female Coach in Football with the USWNT

You get what you pay for, and Hayes is the best there is.

November 16th 2023

Emma Hayes has officially been appointed as the new head coach of the USA women’s national team – an appointment that sees her become the world’s highest paid female coach in football.

According to Yahoo Sports, Hayes will reportedly be paid within the region of £1.3 million per year for her new long-term deal with the USWNT – a contract that will bring her in line with the salary of current USMT head coach Gregg Berhalter.

Hayes’ contract represents a landmark moment for women in coaching, one where equity isn’t simply alluded to but actioned.

As someone who’s always been known as a trailblazer, pushing for a more progressive and inclusive game since she first stepped onto the sidelines 20 years ago, it’s only right Hayes has once again broken down barriers at the very top of football.

Hayes will leave her position as Chelsea manager when the WSL finishes in May next year, meaning she will have just four matches with the USWNT before the Olympics kick-off in June.

The USWNT have failed to reach the dizzying heights they’ve become accustomed to in recent years, but with Hayes now in their ranks, the four-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champions will be looking to reclaim their spot as the best side in international football once again.