Wigan Athletic Striker Devanté Cole’s 44LDN Release Their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Inspired by Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh.

March 13th 2018

44LDN is a new London-based label fronted by Wigan Athletic striker Devanté Cole.

Through his interest in photography, sport, architecture and contemporary culture, Cole is setting about turning 4 4 L D N into an established name in UK streetwear, and has now just debuted the label’s first collection.

The collection is defined by Devanté’s attention to detail both on and off the pitch, with a multitude of materials and careful tailoring used throughout the collection.

Speaking on his inspiration behind the brand, Cole said, “I’ve always kept a little notebook which I use to draw and write down my ideas off the field, and eventually the likes of Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh inspired me to contemplate my own brand.”

“I might not have a fashion degree or design background, but I love thinking about fabrics and how the clothes come together. On the pitch, I’m constantly looking to push myself to move on to the next level. And with 4 4 L D N I’ll be striving to do the same.”

He’s also said his mum and dad, who is former Manchester United striker Andy Cole, rate his new garms, “My mum and dad have always said that I liked fashion and that I should try it. I think my old man is really into it. My samples keep going missing and I keep seeing him in them, so he must be! He’s pleased all those sketches and doodles have finally come to something.”

Check out some choice pieces from the collection below.

Head to the 44LDN website to purchase the new collection.