Paul Pogba Covers the Latest Issue of GQ France

'Le Magicien' is one of GQ's men of the year.

November 27th 2018

Paul Pogba is one of GQ France’s ‘Men of the Year’ for 2018 after he led France to World Cup victory as one of Les Bleus star players in the summer.

As we all know, Pogba took on the mantle of captain in the dressing room in Moscow during the summer’s tournament, and the personality he exhibited there is also clear to see in the accompanying interview to the new cover story.

Below are some of the best quotes from the interview, which you can read in full here:

On his personality:

“I’m a happy guy, who laughs, who changes haircuts, I joke, I dance, I do not dress like the others. I show myself, yes, but I’m not arrogant. In Europe, this behavior is surprising, people must be reserved, do not say everything you think. I have what is called “the American mentality”

On *those* half-time team talks:

“The group and the coach gave me space to express myself, but I did not want to upset the locker room. Compared to the elders, did I have to speak? To impose myself? Have a grip on the group? It was down to the executives, the staff. I am 25, I can talk to both young and old. TF1’s cameras showed another image of me to people. And that’s me!”

On Conor McGregor copying his style:

Pogba attends the GQ shoot wearing “a dark grey crossover suit dotted with hundreds of white “La Pioche” inscriptions on it” similar to McGregor’s “Fuck You” inscriptions: “No, he copied on me, I had it before, you can check.”