Poet & Vuj Go Shopping for the Waviest Football Shirt of All-Time in ‘The Jersey Store’

Conducta takes the legendary duo in search of their ultimate football fit ?

December 19th 2019

Poet and Vuj go shopping for the world’s waviest football shirt in the latest episode of ‘The Jersey Store’, a new series from VERSUS that gets the culture’s most influential voices talking football as they embark on a mission to find their ultimate football fit.

In Episode Two of ‘The Jersey Store’, Poet and Vuj hit the Classic Football Shirts store in London and drop gems on Arsenal, Liverpool and what’s it like to vibe with the biggest players on the planet. Undisputedly YouTube’s most iconic duo, the pair rose to notoriety as hosts with Copa90 but earlier this year, they went fully independent and launched their own channel plus the new ‘Poet and Vuj Podcast’.

Conducta – who heads up UKG label Kiwi Rekords and produced AJ Tracey’s breakout hit “Ladbroke Grove” earlier this year – hosts the new show. In addition to being a magician on the decks, he’s one of the biggest football fans in UK music and has a huge collection of drippy vintage football shirts that he often wears on stage.

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