Jesse Lingard, AJ Tracey and More Talk Racial Profiling in Final Episode of ‘The Race Card’

Unfiltered conversations about the impact of racial microaggressions ?

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November 17th 2020

Jesse Lingard, AJ Tracey, Novelist, Ayishat Akanbi and more have sat down for the final episode of ‘The Race Card’, a brand new series from Lynx, SocialFIXT and Complex UK that explores the impact of racial microaggressions.

Bringing together some of the most important Black voices in UK culture, ‘The Race Card’ encourages unfiltered conversations on personal experiences and reactions to racial stereotyping at school, at work, and in wider society. While “playing the race card” is often used in an attempt to gaslight and silence legitimate debate, this new series flips that notion on its head.

Following on from the first two episodes that shone a spotlight on racism at school and in the workplace, the final episode looks at microaggressions in wider society including racial profiling, white people using the N-word, and how it feels to be told you’re “playing the race card” when talking about discrimination.

‘The Race Card’ was created in partnership with SocialFIXT — the online job-board platform and community connecting Black talent to jobs in the creative industries — and paq — the Black-owned creative agency that delivers their vision with purpose, authenticity and quality.

As part of their commitment to racial equality, Lynx will also be building on this relationship with SocialFIXT. The partnership is part of a broader diversity and inclusion plan focused on building a bridge between Black talent and the marketing and creative industries, which you can read more about here.

You can watch the final episode of ‘The Race Card’ featuring AJ Tracey, Jesse Lingard and more by tuning in above. Catch up on the previous episodes here.