Conducta and Keeya Keys Combine on Football-Inspired Heater, ‘4-4-2’

Kiwi Season begins ?

April 9th 2021

Conducta and Keeya Keys link up to deliver a new football flavoured heater, ‘4-4-2’.

The collaboration between the prince of UKG and one of North London’s finest sees Conducta provide a summer-ready garage beat and Keeya Keys get busy with the pen. The accompanying video sees the duo take the pitch to recreate some of the most iconic football moments of all-time.

Among the ballers and moments immortalised on screen are Zizou’s headbutt, Rooney’s KO celebration, the D-Studge dance, Marcelo Bielsa’s touchline squat, and so much more. You’ll need to stick this video on repeat to catch them all.

Conducta and Keeya Keys know ball.