Football Beyond Borders Release Their First Ever Book, ‘Her Stories’

Teenage girls reclaim their narratives and present their stories to the world 👑

April 29th 2021

Football Beyond Borders have published their first ever book titled ‘Her Stories’, a photography book that’s an honest portrayal of teenage girls and women’s lives in Britain.

The title was curated during the third lockdown of 2021 by an all-women creative team to enable women and girls to share their stories whilst highlighting true diversity. FBB practitioners and photographers went to their student’s homes to uncover the their hidden stories from the past 12 months and beyond. The beauty of the book is the varying stories that include themes of joy, love, courage, hurt, loss and anger.

Not only does the book champion the participants of FBB’s programmes, it also highlights the roles of integral women in their upbringing whilst looking into relationships that span across different generations. The book comes at an important time and allows teenage voices to be heard. By sharing real stories, FBB hope to diminish and debunk many stereotypes of teenage girls.

Photography in the book is completed by Serena Brown, Hollie Fernando, Sophie Carey and Naomi Ogbeta.

The book is available now on FBB’s website