Here Are the Best Lyrics from Giggs’ ‘Wamp 2 Dem’

Giggs brings the heat.

October 12th 2017

With a consistent back catalogue of albums and mixtapes spanning back over a decade, Giggs is something of a British institution.  

This year however, Giggs found himself in unfamiliar territory as increased exposure from guest spots on Drake’s ‘More Life’ brought his distinctive style to fresh ears.

A guest on Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour earlier this year, Giggs witnessed first hand the ‘REVENGE’ mantra running through the narrative of Drakes recent run and in similar fashion, he’s come out firing at critics and naysayers.

Here’s the best bars from Giggs’ ‘Wamp 2 Dem’.

Track 1: Gully Niggaz

“Man ain’t really too concerned with what doesn’t concern us / Man ain’t really too confirming none of these vermin”

With Giggs’ distinct style reaching new ears, many across the pond, initial reactions were fairly negative. For the most part, he’s held a dignified silence, but on the opening track, it’s over with that.

Track 2: Ultimate Gangsta (feat. 2 Chainz)

“I said “Batman”, they thought man was jokin’ / When I talk about dressing all-black, ni**a was scoping”

Firmly in bed with his persona of rap scene vigilante, Giggs continues in uncompromising mood with critics and doubters.

Track 3: Straight Lifestyle

“You can keep on tweeting, man are gonna catch ya / fuckin’ Ninja turtle, pussy ni**a Baxter”

Appearing to take aim at US online personality DJ Akademiks, a vocal critic of Giggs on Complex show Everyday Struggle. We’re not saying he looks like Donatello, or Baxter from Arthur – but Giggs, clearly is.

Track 4: Times Ticking (feat. Popcaan)

“Night time a ni**a ride vicious / White pitchers, white slippers, chess game a ni**a slide bishops”

Giggs’ tendencies to switch topics and references mid verse is something that may work to throw off new listeners, but highlights how he mixes the playful with the sinister in his rhymes.

Track 5: The Essence

“They were blocking bare / But now I’m rocking here, on a rocking chair / Yeah, the block is here, yeah, the block is here”

Giggs awareness of wheres he from and wheres he got to is a constant theme on the tape.


Track 6: Linguo (feat. Donaeo)

“Man’s up and I’m up in the palace, yack cup and I’m puffin’ the chalice / Huff and I puff on the baddest, chicks buffer and buffer, the gyalist”

A standout track that should eventually get the visual treatment. Giggs and Donaeo carry over the chemistry from last year’s ‘Lock Doh’ and the flow here is impeccable.

Track 7: Gangsters & Dancers (feat. Lil Duke and Young Thug)

“Man left the mac burnt out, grab the motherfu**in handle / Strap burnt out on the motherfu**in mantle”

Neither Thug or Giggs shine here really, but Giggs ability to know when a beat needs intricate wordplay or as on here, works better with clear syllables and visceral images, remains intact.

Track 8: Moist Pussy

“I’m a breast man, like to nibble tits”

A continuation of the iconic line from ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’, ‘Moist Pussy’ needs its own parental advisory warning, but we’re sure no one under the age of 16 is listening to Giggs (without permission from their parents), anyway.


Track 9: 50 Cali

“Damn a ni**a nice, gotta get a grammy”

If Giggs ever gets his hands on a Grammy, you can remember he called it here first.

Track 10: Outsiders (feat. Footsie and D Double E)

“Man ah go Brexit on them, pull out the ting, flex it on them / New ting, test it on them”

If by “go Brexit on them”, Double means he’ll screw up your life and that of generations after you, sounds like a serious threat.

Track 12: Peligro (feat. Dave)

“Remember when man came through, not one of those girls were flirtin’ / Til Jus pulled up in Jurgen Klopp BM, that’s a angry German”

Close call but we’ve gotta hand this one to Dave. Liverpool may be dipping in the table but Klopp’s on a record climbing up the charts.


Track 13: Ruler

“Man dropped the big boy album and man got congrats for that”

With last year’s Landlord becoming his best seller, he’s never been bigger so ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ is something of a victory lap for Giggs.