A-COLD-WALL* Delivers Slick Technical Wear For Their Autumn/Winter 2018 Show

Samuel Ross came through with innovative heat for the colder months.

January 9th 2018

Samuel Ross’s A-COLD-WALL* delivered another stellar selection of postmodern pieces for his Autumn / Winter 2018 collection.

The brand has taken its cutting-edge design to a new level; whilst A-COLD-WALL* still contains influences by Ross’s former mentor Virgil Abloh, it has continued to reinvent itself with the forward-thinking – yet functional – looks displayed in what is his strongest collection to date.

From the tasteful torsion applied to the collection’s metallic track pants, through to the show’s eye-catching industrial wellington boots, Ross has continued his emphasis on blurring the lines between everyday workwear and state-of-the-art tailoring. Ross enlisted the likes of Lancey Fouxx and Aleali May to model the technical pieces and called upon Yi Ng to oversee the show’s styling. Check out some of the best looks Autumn / Winter 2018 collection below.