Kano’s ‘HOODIES ALL SUMMER’ Behind-The-Scenes Mini Documentary is a Must-Watch

Essential viewing ?

January 22nd 2020

East London rap legend Kano has just shared an essential behind-the-scenes mini documentary that explores his creative process behind his most recent – and still slept-on – studio album ‘HOODIES ALL SUMMER’.

The mini-doc is 13-and-a-half-minutes and sees Kano traveling between London and Jamaica, where some great footage emerges of him in the studio with the likes of Kojo Funds, D Double E and Popcaan. Intimately shot on Alexa Mini and Sony hi8 cameras, along with footage captured on personal phones, the visuals find Kano explaining his process with his brilliant LP.

Speaking about his approach to the project, Kano says: “The music tells a story of my life. It shows you my upbringing. You can hear the Jamaican heritage in songs like “Can’t Hold We Down”. You can hear the hip-hop in “Teardrops”. You hear the garage in “Got My Brandy, Got My Beats”. You hear the grime in “Class Of Deja”. This is my life!”

Kano goes on to explain, “As an artist, it’s part of my job to talk about the times we’re living in. I didn’t want to approach certain topics on this album as if I was talking down to people. I’m rooted in the street, I’m connected to the street, I’m from these communities but I have distance — I’m over here but we’re on the same level.”

HOODIES ALL SUMMER released in 2019 and marks Kano‘s sixth studio album, with the eponymous HOODIES ALL SUMMER tour going down at the end of this month, which includes stops in Cardiff, London, Manchester, and other major cities across the UK.

Tune into the ‘HOODIES ALL SUMMER’ mini-doc above, and in other music news, Octavian has celebrated his birthday by dropping off a cold new freestyle titled “DEATH OF A TRAITOR”.