Mason Mount Reveals Why He Decided to Get Double Vaccinated

"Going through that experience of a missing a top game did have an effect on my decision."

October 12th 2021

Mason Mount has unveiled that missing out on key games in England’s Euro 2020 run while having to self-isolate was a factor in his decision to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Mount missed England’s group stage game against the Czech Republic in the summer before being left as an unused substitute in the historic win over Germany. The Chelsea midfielder has spoken out on his experience at Euro 2020 and why he doesn’t want to have a repeat of the incident again.

“I’m double vaccinated now,” Mount said. “Going through that experience, missing the game, a top, top game kind of did have an effect on my decision.

“But I think for players and personally-wise it’s down to someone and it is down to their decision how they feel about it. I don’t think you can force anyone to get it but, for me, going through that experience it did make me want to get it and get it quite quickly.”

Mount spoke up on his decision following fresh scrutiny surrounding vaccination rates in domestic football last week. In an email to top-flight clubs last week, the Premier League said: “Only seven clubs’ squads are more than 50% fully vaccinated, so we have a way to go.”

Speaking about the lack of clarity over who had been vaccinated in his squad, England boss Gareth Southgate indicated that “conspiracy theories” could be preventing players from getting jabbed.

“At their age they are more open to some of these conspiracy theories because they are reading social media more. They are perhaps more vulnerable to those sort of views. From what I can see there is a bit of confusion around.

“There’s a thing called medical confidentiality which seems to be being totally overlooked in a lot of areas at the moment. These aren’t our players. I don’t think the clubs would thank us for sharing that sort of information and frankly, it is personal to the players. I’m sure you have GDPR at your workplace, you’ll be conscious of all of that.”

This news follows Jurgen Klopp’s comments in support of vaccinations, with the Liverpool manager saying he was jabbed to protect not just himself but “all the people around me”.

“I don’t understand why that is a limitation of freedom/ Because if it is, then not being allowed to drink and drive is a limitation of freedom as well – but we accept that,” he said.

“I got the vaccination because I was concerned about myself but even more so for everyone else around me. If I get it and suffer – my fault. If I get it and spread it around to everyone else – my fault and not their fault.”

As of 2 October, almost 49 million people in the UK had received a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, while almost 45 million had received a second – meaning 89.9% and 82.5% of over-16s respectively have received dosages.